VBWD Web Map
Mobile Device Help
  • Tools - To access map tools on a Smart Phone, tap the small arrow located on the left edge of the map screen. Tap the arrow again to close the tool menu.
    • Layers: Control map layer visibility and displays map symbols/legend. Check or un-check boxes to toggle layers on or off. Tap + sign to see individual layers and legends.
    • Bookmarks: Create bookmarks to save a defined map extent by tapping the "Add Bookmark" text. This will add a bookmark at the map's current extent. User bookmarks will persist until the web browser cache is cleared.
    • Print: Print the current map view. Use drop down menus to choose page layout and print output file type. NOTE - it is typical for the print output result to take a couple minutes to generate .
    • Google Street View: Click the "Activate with map click" button and then click on the map to see Google Street View. NOTE - street view is not available in all areas.